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Saturday, November 17th  2018

here Momenta is an international company of professionals and technical experts with years of experience in the agri-food sector. Our goal is to provide professional and technical expertise to increase operators impact on the agri-food chain.
We rely on an international network of scientists and professionals, acting as individuals or firms to stimulate the exchange of knowledge among operators. The company offices are located in Torino area, in Northwestern Italy, well known for its agri-food productions, and the proximity of the University of Torino makes available important resources in terms of research, technology transfer, and educational expertise. We also rely on a growing number of experts throughout the world and our organization is able to provide working teams with a high level of expertise to solve each customer specific issue taking advantage of our professional network.
All our activities aim to actively sustain the development of local and international communities, promoting exchange of information and good practice among players, according to our vision of sharing knowledge as the key factor for success.

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