Monday, May 20th  2019

More than ever, the agri-food business must deal with the evolution of the market and the economy. The globalization requires a high level of competitiveness with continuous upgrade of product and process. In such a context, Research and Development activities are decisive tool to face the challenge of continuously evolving needs.
Momenta relies on a pool of experts, with academic or professional experience, public or private business background, fully prepared to carry out R&D activities related to most of the agri-food sector.
Funding seeking, partners seeking, proposal writing, proposal submitting, project management and development, and dissemination of results are our main research activities.
We cover the whole production chain from the field to the table and work on diverse cultivation methods or postharvest technologies. From organic to conventional farming, we are working on quality production and assurance.
At the moment, our fields of expertise canvas the whole array of horticultural produce, ranging from vegetables to fruit, from ornamental to medicinal and aromatic plants.

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