Monday, June 24th  2019

An educational tour in the largest olive production area in the world. Walk through the gently rolling hills completely covered with olive trees while you learn about new olive groves crop management, pruning techniques, changes in plant density and water management to achieve maximum benefits in an area where water availability is very limited. Keep abreast of the latest developments in no-tillage soil management. Visit the research centers which are conducting leading programs on olive breeding, pest resistance, salt tolerance, yield, tree precocity and size, type and % of oil, etc. Visit oil processing plants to know their modern methods of operation and techniques, equipment, computer management applications and control of the whole elaboration stages. Know about the use of sub-products and waste disposal.
Olive groves is more than a crop for southern Spain. It is the landscape, it is the environment where inhabitants involve themselves. Its social and economic relevance constitute a cultural patrimony that reach all the arts in these territories and its people.

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