Monday, May 20th  2019

An educational tour through the two provinces in south-east of Spain which are the largest suppliers of vegetables to Europe. Enjoying a Mediterranean, semi-desert climate, with mild winters and warm summers, Murcia and Almeria have developed an intensively farming of irrigated vegetable crops that flourish all year around, both in open fields and greenhouse production. From traditional farming to the most sophisticated precision horticulture, you will be able to see the amazing evolution of the sector, talk to the farmers and technical experts, and visit the modern packhouses where the latest technology is being applied. Observe the considerable changes undergone by the horticultural sector as it evolves more and more towards IPM, and organic production. Learn about the challenges the growers faced by the drastic shortage of water in the area due to an acute shortage of rainfall in the region since 2004, the emergency projects to modernize irrigation systems, and desalination plants to bring water to the area.

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