Monday, May 20th  2019

An educational tour to get comprehensive array of fruit production systems and supply chain in the Northwest of Italy, where to find diversity for species and for cropping systems. An opportunity to directly discuss conventional, integrated and organic farming with the producers, to visit packing houses and processing facilities and to get acquainted to the strengths and the weaknesses of modern fruit market.
Visit large commodities, such as kiwis, peaches, nectarines, apples, and their packing houses. Discover the outstanding Italian vineyard system with a wine taste of the most known Italian wines. Find out how niche farms can make a business with local variety valorization, such as apples, apricots, pears, damson plums, plums. See berry fruits grown by the Alpes. Do not miss the organic certified farms that are producing several fruits. Enhance your knowledge of the supply chain by interacting with players dealing with packing and delivering operations. Get in contact with certification and traceability companies. Broad your professional education and become familiar with a collection of ancient fruit varieties. Finally, interact with technicians,  professionals, horticulturists and academicians at the Faculty of Agriculture.
A five-day opportunity to foster your knowledge of the fruit production and handling world. The breathtaking skyline of the Alpes will accompany throughout the transferring between locations. This educational tour is designed for graduate students leaving on budget.

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