Monday, May 20th  2019

A professional visit in the diversity of produce in Spain.
La Comunidad Valenciana, traditionally known for its oranges, is also the largest producer of other crops as artichokes and pomegranate. Alternative fruit crops, such as plums, persimmon and apricot, are successfully being introduced.
Discover the Valencia Rice Denomination of Origin, with the varieties best adapted to the rice-farming zone, the Albufera natural reserve, and more important still, these are the ones most highly recommended for preparing the Mediterranean diet rice recipes. Taste “orxata de xufes” (horchata de chufas), a refreshing beverage made from Tigernuts. Tiger nut is cultivated in sixteen villages of the region of Valencia "L'Horta Nord", with specific soil and climate characteristics which convert this area in the unique zone of Spain where this peculiar tuber is cultivated. Find out above the remarkable surge in the quality the wines from Valencia.
The region of Valencia (encompassing the three Denominaciones de Origen, Alicante, Utiel-Requena and Valencia ) had until recently concentrated on the bulk export of wine.

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