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Saturday, November 17th  2018 zithromax to treat strep throat zithromax drug class full-time salaries range from 200350 per month depending on their This is a technical tour to learn about the major changes that have been taking place in the olive industry in Spain.
Visit old and new olive orchard to see how the replacement of old low-producing orchards with new varieties and plant densities have resulted in a considerable increase in yield per hectare.
Keep abreast in the latest development on non-tillage cropping. Talk to the experts about how deficit irrigation, which requires a high degree of knowledge, is being applied to achieve maximum benefit in an area where water availability is very limited. Visit oil processing plants to look at their modern methods of operation and techniques, equipment, computer management applications and control of the whole elaboration stages.
Know about the use of sub-products and waste disposal.
All these and more while you enjoy its beautiful towns, people and gastronomy.

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